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Invitation to the European Athletics Championships and Host City Workshop, Munich 2022

31. 05 2022 - News


European Athletics Championships

Munich 2022


European Athletics Host City Workshop

August 16th and 17th, 2022


European Athletics would like to invite a representative from your city to experience its flagship event first-hand in Munich and take part in its Host City Workshop.

The Host City Workshop will allow participants from your city to learn about our European Athletics events – from youth to elite, in a total of 12 sporting in-stadium or out-of-stadium events, 2 main corporate events and a series or conferences and seminars – and share valuable insights for how to best align them with your city’s sports and health objectives. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained valuable knowledge about the scope of our events, when the next events will be available for hosting and how the collaboration with European Athletics will be structured.

These discussions will be conducted in a true spirit of partnership: you want your communities to engage in more sporting activities and so do we! Let’s talk!

In addition to the workshop, participants will also enjoy watching the best of European Athletics – by attending an action-packed evening session of our largest, bi-yearly event in Munich’s historical “Olympiastadion”.

Application deadline: June 20, 2022


For more information about the programme – including an outline of the Workshop agenda – click on this link.